Britain is crowned queen of great teeth

For years British teeth have been a bad joke.

Thought of as yellow, stained and wonky they rarely conjure up images of a glamorous hollywood smile.

But all that is set to change as British dental researchers are coming up with innovative products and treatments that will revolutionise dental care.

The Periowave Wand is one such treatment. Using light therapy to activate chemicals that are applied to the mouth, the wand kills harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. The treatment lasts up to six months, apparently vastly improving infection control.

Other innovative procedures include the ability to grow your own gums. It sounds like something from the future but scientists at Cardiff University have discovered cheek cells which act in a similar way to stem cells, meaning they have the potential to turn into different types of cells, including that of gum tissue.

Scientists hope that the cells can be used to treat periodontal disease which affects the jaw bone.

Those who are looking to brighten their smile or correct imperfections should come for a dental consultation with The Hospital Group (

Their specialist Nusmile cosmetic dentistry centres offer individual treatment plans to help people achieve a smile to be proud of.

Consultations are normally priced at £125, but are currently on offer at just £25 and include a full dental examination, a smile consultation with a cosmetic dentist and X-rays and/or impressions if required.

David Ross, chief executive of The Hospital Group, says: ‘A smile plays such an important part in people’s lives. Its the first thing most people see when they look at you and for this reason many people can feel self conscious about their teeth.

‘The technological advances that have been made in cosmetic dentistry are astounding and people can achieve a Hollywood smile through a range of procedures and treatments.

‘Nusmile veneers are a great way of achieving a straight and white smile that looks natural and the Invisalign braces, which are almost invisible to the eye, allow the wearer to get perfectly straight teeth without the discomfort associated with traditional braces.

He adds: ‘At The Hospital Group, experts use state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none. All our procedures are carried out by our dedicated and professional expert cosmetic dentists who want to help you get the look you are after.

The Hospital Group also offers tooth whitening for a dazzling smile as well as crowns and dental implants all of which can help achieve a tidy and immaculate looking smile.

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