UK dental experts hail breakthrough product

Some of the UK’s leading dental experts have put their names behind a revolutionary new product that has been described as ‘the ultimate dentine substitute’.
Septodont launched its breakthrough new product, Biodentine in September and has already received rave reviews from some of the leading lights in dentistry about the cutting-edge technology, which, for the first time, offers a bioactive substitute for dentine.
What makes Biodentine so unique is the fact that it is the first all-in-one, biocompatible and bioactive material that can be used wherever dentine is damaged, both in the crown and the root.
The benefits of the product include:
• Preservation of pulp vitality and promotion of pulp healing
• Ability to replace the natural dentine with the same mechanical properties
• Biocompatible and bioactive dentine substitute
Based on unique Active Biosilicate Technology, Biodentine is designed to treat damaged dentine both for restorative and endodontic indications and can be used whenever dentine has been damaged, giving it multiple applications.
Renowned endodontist Dr Julian Webber described Biodentine as ‘the perfect root canal repair material.’

He said: ‘Sophisticated biosilicate technology and 100% biocompatibility makes Biodentine the perfect root canal repair material. With its improved handling ability and quick setting time, Biodentine offers considerable advantages over other similar materials. I cannot recommend it more highly.’

Professor Callum Youngson, who is so excited by the product that he is integrating it into his undergraduate training at the University of Liverpool, commented, ‘Biodentine finally provides us with a material that closely resembles lost dentine and has the potential to promote, rather than just allow, healing of the pulpitc tooth. Biodentine is also compatible with the final composite restoration, making it an important addition to the clinician’s armamentarium.’
Professor Tim Watson, added: ‘Biodentine is a material that, for the first time, allows a dentist to achieve biomimetic mineralisation within the depths of a carious cavity. Biodentine has the potential to revolutionise the management if the deep carious cavity in operative dentistry, whether or not the pulp is exposed.’
For more information on BiodentineÔ please contact your dental dealer directly.  Alternatively contact Septodont on 01622 695 520, email [email protected] or visit  

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