The safe and gentle alternative

Dental professionals can now enjoy a completely new and effective solution to the management of gingivitis and the prevention of periodontitis, focused on a long-term approach of this gum inflammation condition.

Decapinol Mouthwash has an innovative antiseptic-free formula that maintains a healthy balanced oral micro flora, while inhibiting the build-up of the plaque forming bacteria associated with periodontal disease.

This maintenance provides a probiotic protection against pathogenic invaders.
 To combat the build-up of plaque, Decapinol Mouthwash creates an invisible barrier between dental plaque bacteria and the surface of the tooth and gingiva, making it a clinically effective solution.  By disrupting the plaque matrix through interaction with glucans, Decapinol Mouthwash uses its unique technology to loosen the cohesive properties of plaque, making it much easier to remove mechanically.
Decapinol Mouthwash is a safe and gentle choice to other mouthwashes claiming to have anti-microbial properties, and avoids the unpleasant taste and staining associated with these products.

It is easy to incorporate into a patient’s oral hygiene routine, as there is not interaction with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate; a common component of toothpaste.

This makes Decapinol Mouthwash ideal for a long-term daily hygiene programme and healthy plaque management.
Clinically effective against plaque and gingivitis in both the short and long term, Decapinol® Mouthwash is the intelligent solution for preventing periodontitis.
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