Patients warned of perils of dentistry abroad

Hundreds of Brits desperate to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile are going to drastic measures and seeking cut-price cosmetic dentistry treatment abroad.
New research has revealed that many people are trying to cut costs by travelling abroad in the belief they will get a cheaper set of straight and beautiful teeth.
However, research has revealed that many dentists abroad who offer treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening at a fraction of the price they would cost in the UK, are not performing the procedures correctly or to the strict standards the UK adheres to, damaging teeth, many beyond repair.
Experts are warning that some dentists abroad can do more harm than good as they leave teeth in a horrific state causing the patient discomfort and embarrassment as well as landing them with further dentistry costs to fix their problems when they arrive back in the UK.
As horror stories of dentists abroad increase, experts are warning people to be careful and investigate the credentials of their chosen clinic abroad before they make any decisions.
Getting a dazzling smile can be achieved with a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments ranging from veneers, crowns and bridges, to the invisible braces that straighten teeth.

And not forgetting teeth whitening for that all important dazzling finish.
At The Hospital Group’s Cosmetic Dentistry Centres patients can find all of these procedures, which are tailored to give patients an individual treatment plan.
David Ross, chief executive of The Hospital Group, says: ‘Before people visit any clinic abroad it’s advised they carry out extensive research into their chosen dentist.
‘Quite often, people think they are getting a good deal as prices initially seem less, however, they come back to the UK with damaged teeth which have to be corrected and this can end up costing them far more in the long run.

‘What many people don’t realise is that some countries do not follow the same safety guidelines and practices that the UK does.
‘The Hospital Group has clinics up and down the country, with highly trained specialist cosmetic dentists who can talk to you and consult on the best course of treatment.
‘With Nusmile veneers, crowns and dental implants amongst some of the treatments on offer at The Hospital Group, people can achieve the smile they’ve always wanted safe in the knowledge they are in good hands.
‘A dental consultation at The Hospital Group can put an end to years of worry and help people feel more confident about their appearance.’

The Hospital Group offer a range of dental treatments at specialist clinics located throughout the UK.

The NuSmile dentistry treatment centres at The Hospital Group perform more than 200 procedures a year, including teeth whitening, pain-free veneers that require no drilling of your natural teeth, invisible braces, white fillings and porcelain crowns.
For further information of The Hospital Group’s range of procedures, surgery-seekers should visit the website or call our patient care co-ordinators on 0845 762 6727.

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