Smile makeover gives woman back her pout

A woman’s smile has been restored at the age of 58 – thanks to some dental treatment.

Caroline Brill, 58 from Mill Hill, London, always enjoyed a fairly standard diet and health regime, but a predilection for fruit drinks and sparkling water, compounded by tooth grinding at night over many years had eroded and worn her teeth down considerably.

This had resulted in difficulty chewing, and was also causing her face to droop and her upper lip to all but disappear.
Caroline’s family dentist referred her to specialist restorative dentist Professor Andrew Eder, who founded the London Tooth Wear Centre ( for assessment and comprehensive restorative treatment to re-establish both Caroline’s smile and effective function once again.
As a positive side-effect, Caroline was also delighted to discover it had given her the effects of a face lift and lip fillers – without going near a scalpel.


Just a short period of time into the treatment, Caroline’s friends were already noticing the difference on smiling.

Caroline says: ‘When the treatment was complete, I took a good look in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw. I had no idea I had a top lip! Now I can even wear lipstick. Not only that – my face has dramatically lifted and everyone is commenting on how much younger I look.”
According to her specialist prosthodontist, Professor Andrew Eder,: ‘Caroline is a classic example of the somewhat unexpected and thoroughly modern problem of excessive tooth wear – she wasn’t eating sugary snacks or failing to keep up with good dental hygiene, but instead was unaware of the gradual damage being caused by acids in  juices, sparkling water and fruit, further compounded by tooth grinding at night, over many years.

‘The key to successful treatment in the longer term is dietary analysis and prevention prior to embarking on any comprehensive restorative dental care.’

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