Dentist stars in Friday’s ‘Come Dine With Me’

A dentist will be sinking his teeth into the chance to win first prize in Friday night’s edition of the TV reality show, Come Dine With Me.

Amit Koshal runs Central Dental Practice in Derby and serves up a three-course Indian-inspired menu on the show.

Amit, who lives in St Albans and commutes to the Derby practice in Curzon Street, served a starter of lamb kebabs followed by butter chicken, fresh naan bread and a lentil curry, with samosas stuffed with Belgian chocolate and pistachio nuts for dessert.

Come Dine With Me sees each contestant cook a three-course meal at their home.

Each guest then marks the evening out of 10 and the person with the highest overall score walks away with a £1,000 cash prize.

The show is due to be aired at 8pm on Channel 4 on Friday when Amit will be watching with wife Anisha.


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