Summer prompts brighter smiles

Tooth whitening treatments have rocketed during the summer due to the earlier hot weather and people aspiring to have a new bright smile.

Teeth whitening has grown in popularity as just about everyone you see on TV and in magazines have had it done.

All celebrities now have bright white teeth and this has made the point to people on the street that a whiter smile looks a million dollars – but doesn’t have to cost that much!

As people age, the teeth will collect staining deposits that will sit in the enamel which posses millions on micropores and over time the colour will get darker and darker – and even with good dental hygiene becomes impossible to avoid.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the popular systems to release this built up staining and this then reveals a much brighter whiter smile. The treatment will take just over one hour with a full consultation being undertaken on the same day.

Comparing the laser system to other methods on the market people like the instant results achieved without waiting weeks sometimes to see the difference to the teeth.

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