Simon Cowell inspires men’s cosmetic surgery

The openness of high profile celebrities such as Simon Cowell about their beauty regimes has encouraged more men to try treatments such as laser rejuvenation, according to the Harley Medical Group.

Laser rejuvenation treatments account for 11% of all non-surgical treatments carried out at The Harley Medical Group’s 30 UK clinics.

Harley Medical Group director Lix Dale says: ‘With successful, high profile men like Simon Cowell openly talking about their cosmetic regimes it’s a subject that has become more acceptable for men to tackle.’

Bookings for laser rejuvenation treatments rose 93% in the last quarter at The Harley Medical Group. Laser rejuvenation for receding hairlines saw a particular surge in interest, as did chemical peels.

‘We’re not talking big numbers of bald-patch treatments but the fact we’re getting more enquiries does demonstrate how men are taking non-surgical treatments increasingly seriously as a cosmetic solution,’ Dale adds.

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