Chris Barrow prepares for UK dental tour

There’s a lot to consider in the sental profession, now and for the future.

Join Chris Barrow as he leads a discussion and invites open questions on:
* The future of the UK dental market
* The forthcoming regulation – care quality commission, HTM-0105, clinical governance
* The mythology
* The story of IDH – the new CEO and future evolution
* A career with a dental corporate

The locations are:

Newcastle Mon 13 September
Bournemouth Tues 28 September
Leeds Mon 4 October
Middlesbrough Weds 6 October
Plymouth Mon 18 October
Southampton Thurs 21 October
Lincolnshire Tues 26 October
Cambridge Weds 3 November
Kent Tues 9 November
Liverpool Tues 23 November
Prestatyn Mon 22 November
Preston Weds 24 November

If you’re interested in talking about your career pathway, reserve your place, contact the Dental Recruitment Team on 01204 799 699, email [email protected] or visit

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