Fast and effective curing from Discus

The Flashlite Magna curing light from Discus Dental, for fast and effective curing with ergonomic pre-style construction to minimise clinician strain.

The curing light delivers three times the output power to the Flashlite 1401 and is for large restorative cases.
·              Powerful curing – Average 1,500 mW/cm2 over the entire beam
·              Large curing area – 11mm beam with 3 LEDs for intense power
·              Full easy access – Short head angle for full mouth access
·              Lightweight – 4.3 oz (121g)
·              Patented Heat Sink – For extended run time
·              Output and runtime – Powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery
·              Compact and cordless – 22cm in length, easily portable from one surgery to the next, ideal for curing on the go.

Dentists should also look at the Flashlite 1401 LED curing light that offers:
·      Average output 1100mW/cm2
·      Total power 450mW
·      7.2 mm beam diameter
·      Compact and cordless
·      New charger board technology for increased reliability

For information, call 01923 850 423 or 0800 032 3005.

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