Cut out the middleman!

Discus is introducing their endodontic products to the UK for the first time, cutting out the middleman, thus producing great savings and low-cost training courses to support dentists.

One of these products is the HotTip, an obutration device offering warm vertical compaction coupled with the freedom of a cordless compact, lightweight and ergonomic design.

With quick-heating tips that reach temperature within seconds and multiple temperature settings that accommodate both gutta-percha and resilon, the HotTip and its five assorted pluggers adapt to canals with a wide range of ISO sizes and tapers.

The pluggers ability to produce a clean fill only in the desired regions of the canal are a great reason to use this product.

HotTip pluggers can also pull out residual obturation material with them when they are removed from the canal, leaving the apical portion of the canal sealed and the walls in the coronal and mid-root clean and ready for backfill.

The HotTip also features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 360° freedom in regards to hand positioning.

For information, call 01923 850 423 or 0800 032 3005.

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