3M ESPE debuts flowable restorative

3M Espe is releasing Filtek Supreme XTE flowable restorative, a versatile and easy to use material that gives dentists outstanding results.

It’s a new capsule delivery option in addition to the existing syringe option brings new flexibility to a long list of indications.

With flow-on-demand handling, and the suitability to be used as either a liner base or a filling material, Filtek Supreme XTE flowable restorative is the only flowable dentists need.

Filtek Supreme XTE flowable restorative’s outstanding properties provide excellent, lasting results, flowing where dentists need it to and staying where they want it.

The product is easy to apply from either capsules or syringes, and under pressure it becomes more liquid and quickly flows where it’s needed.

Once placed, it returns to its original viscosity and holds its shape with no slumping or running.

In a field evaluation, 60% of dentists rated the flow of Filtek Supreme XTE flowable restorative better than that of the leading competitor, and rated it better in cavity adaptation, holding its shape and lack of stickiness.

As part of the complete Filtek Supreme XTE system, the flowable restorative uses the same nanotechnology as the recently introduced Filtek Supreme XTE universal restorative.

This offers advantages such as excellent aesthetics, unsurpassed polish retention and low wear.

The shrinkage has also been lowered by almost 20%. Outstanding physical properties make this a flowable dentists can use with confidence.

Filtek Supreme XTE Flowable is available from 1 October.

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