Stressed dentist’s ‘square’ jaw treatment

An angular jaw is something that had bothered cosmetic dentist Kimberley Taylor for years. 

She suffered with bruxism and would unconsciously grind and clench her teeth at night; the bruxism – or temporo-mandibular disorder (TMD) – made worse during stressful times at work.

As a result, her jaw appeared quite square but thanks to a revolutionary new eponymous Botox ‘lift’, created by aesthetic practitioner Dr Bob Khanna, Kimberley now has softened feminine features and boosted confidence. 

The 27-year-old dentist says: ‘My square face shape really affected my confidence, especially as image is so important in my industry. I felt self-conscious not only about my masculine looking jawline, but also about my eyebrows, which I felt were asymmetrical. I was delighted when Dr Khanna offered me a combination of Botox and dermal fillers to help me achieve a tapered, softer face shape. 

‘Without hesitation I accepted and I can’t put into words what a difference it has made. Not only has he used Botox to reshape my jawline and to lift and level my eyebrows, he has also used dermal fillers to augment my cheek bones and highlight their structure – all adding to the softness of my new shape!’

Dr Khanna adds: ‘The ‘Dr BK Botox Lift’ results in a slimmer looking jaw and enhanced cheek bones after approximately six weeks following treatment, which only takes five minutes and results will typically last 4-6 months.’

Kim adds: ‘My partner didn’t think I needed any treatments and said he liked the way I looked, he now loves my new look and patients at my clinic noticed the difference straight away…. they even thought I’d lost weight! I truly love my new look. It’s given me bags of confidence!’

Dr Khanna explains: ‘Grinding and clenching of teeth during sleep can change the shape of the jawline and lead to an angular effect. A few simple procedures can dramatically change the shape of the face to soften and feminise it.  In Kim’s case, it’s been a fantastic result and the changes quite dramatic.’

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