Mystery buyer of Churchill’s false teeth revealed

The mystery buyer of Winston Churchill’s gold-plated false teeth has been revealed.
George Ridgeon, a 66-year-old ex-firefighter from Churchdown, Gloucestershire, is a collector of Churchill memorabilia. Five years ago he bought the microphone Churchill used to broadcast the end of the war in Europe on May 8, 1945.
‘When I saw that the teeth were coming up, I thought it would be great to combine the microphone that declared war was over with the teeth,’ said George.
‘It’s good to have them together, you know; I’m a war baby and I’m of course interested in everything to do with that time.’
Several years ago, George gave a talk to firefighters in Reigate and met Randolph Churchill.
‘I had my picture taken with Randolph and the microphone,’ he said. ‘It was great to have another Churchill with the microphone that was used to tell the world that the war was over.
‘I suppose now I’m the man who owns the voice of Churchill.’
Last month reported that a set of gold-plated false teeth, once worn by Winston Churchill, had been sold at auction in Norfolk for £15,200.

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