A toothbrush holder that tots will love

Flipper is the fun way to encourage children to use their toothbrush regularly.

A toothbrush holder that attaches to bathroom mirrors, tiles or any shiny surface with a suction cup Flipper comes in five different animal characters from the Wild Family range, all of which will bring a smile to tired faces in the morning and at bedtime.

As the child takes hold of the toothbrush handle and pulls the cover will simply flip open, and when retuned Flipper will close on itself keeping the toothbrush tidy and protecting the bristles.

Flipper toothbrush holders prevent cross contamination of bacteria from storing the whole family’s toothbrushes in one pot.

Toothbrushes can also pick up germs when the toilet is flushed, through tiny water droplets in the atmosphere.
Flipper available in 5 different characters. RRP £2.99 each.

Flipper can be found at www.myflipper.co.uk and can be contacted by phone on 01395 567650.

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