Smile your way to success in the workplace

One in three Brits believes a quality smile will help propel them up the corporate ladder, according to new research.
More than a quarter (26%) of HR managers said they would be less likely to hire a potential employee if they had an unattractive smile*.
The results also reveal that 31% of Brits believe that having a good smile with straight teeth enables them to feel more confident in the workplace, helping them take that next step towards success.
A further 32% said they always notice someone’s smile and teeth when they first meet them at work or for an interview, confirming first impressions really do count.
Those working in sales, media and marketing are even more convinced of the importance of their smile, with 38% saying this would definitely affect their career opportunities.
In a dog-eat dog world, it’s important to consider the whole package you have to offer and – as controversial as it might seem – people are taking steps to enhance their natural beauty to gain that competitive edge.
Beauty coach, Lina Cameron, says: ‘A person’s smile reflects their personality and if they are self conscious of their teeth, they may appear stand offish or aloof. When smiles are bright and straight people appear approachable and friendly.
‘I recommend the Invisalign treatment to any of my clients who are conscious of their teeth and smile and looking for a lifelong investment.


‘It’s the perfect treatment option to enhance your natural assets and help boost your confidence. The aligners do not affect your lifestyle; they are not only virtually invisible they are also completely removable, allowing you to take them out for special occasions and maintain your dental hygiene as usual.’
The research was released by Invisalign and the survey conducted in the UK in June 2010 with 2,000 respondents (ICM research).

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*Research conducted by Simplyhealth with 250 HR managers and 1,005 working adults between 24 February and 4 March 2010.

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