Brits happiest nation in Europe

The Brits are the happiest nation in Europe, a new survey reveals.

And poles apart are the Poles coming in last, the Daily Mail reveals.

According to the recent study, the Brits are nearly matched by the Spanish and the Italians, both nations famous for their goodwill and positive outlook on life.

At the opposite end, the Germans, the French and the Polish.

In fact, most Eastern European nations seem to be much against smiling, Dr Piotr Szarota concludes in the study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior.

Piotr Szarota, a psychologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, analysed 2,000 photos accompanying internet messages sent by men and women from nine European countries,’ the Mail writes.

Dr. Szarota added: ‘East Europeans, generally regarded as less assertive, less friendly, and more distrustful, would be less likely to smile.’ However, differences in quality of life cannot fully explain the results, with France and Germany both sitting towards the bottom of the league table. With fewer than half the French and Germans pictured smiling, they were more morose than the Slovenians and the Czechs.’

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