‘Do-it-yourself’ emergency dental kit for holiday breaks

A ‘do-it-yourself’ emergency dental kit has been launched in time for the summer holidays that can deal with anything from cracked teeth and broken braces – and even comes with an illustrated instruction manual.

Makers say it contains all the emergency essentials when patients cannot reach to a dentist.

The US company – TRDX – recently acquired the rights to the dental kit – and the marketing campaign will include the launch of a new website, www.dentalkit.com.

It adds that consumers like the idea of a dental emergency kit when they are travelling, and add that dental emergency kits are rapidly becoming standard issue for sports teams and school nurses.

Dr Jan Stahl, chief executive at TRDX, says: ‘There are millions of dental emergencies worldwide every year. These emergencies normally occur at times when the consumer can’t reach their dentist.

‘This kit provides safe, temporary relief until a dental visit can be scheduled. We look forward to increasing sales worldwide from this upcoming marketing effort.’

Among the dental accidents it promises to treat are:

• Lost, cracked, loose, or broken fillings

• Loose crowns, caps, or bridges

• Minor toothaches

• Broken or cracked dentures

• Orthodontic irritation

• Chipped tooth

• Broken braces

Meanwhile, the deluxe version includes:

  • Temporary cement

  • Temporary filling

  • Toothache drops

  • Dental wax

  • Denture repair material

  • Cotton

  • Gauze

  • Dental floss

  • Gloves

  • Tweezers

  • An instruction manual.


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