Irish dentist played host to ‘king of pop’ Michael Jackson

‘King of pop’ Michael Jackson visited a dentist in Dublin, it’s been revealed on the anniversary of his death.

Irish entrepreneur Paddy Dunning – at whose studio Jackson stayed – remembered his famous friend as the National Wax Museum, based in the city, unveiled its latest attraction – a red straw trilby owned by the singer.

The two men struck up a friendship when Jackson and his children stayed at Mr Dunning’s Grouse Lodge Studio near Moate, Co Westmeath for five months in 2007.

Paddy explains: ‘I remember walking around Crumlin [a suburb in Dublin] with Michael, I was bringing him to the dentist.’

The singer and his three children – Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket – became part of the Dunning family at the live-in studio.

And the entrepreneur claims Michael Jackson loved Ireland so much because of the privacy it gave him and his children.

The King of pop used the area as a retreat – Bishopstown House, situated near Grouse Lodge Studios in Co Westmeath, was bought in trust for Jackson in 2006 by Mr Dunning.


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