Dentistry? It’s an ever changing profession

As an associate, it is easy not to get involved in a practice environment; one can simply come to work and leave without much thought for what is occurring outside your respective surgery.

In reality, there can be several different worlds being run all in the same practice.

Well, this is completely contra to the Smilescool ethos where interaction and involvement with the team outside your surgery is key!


Smilescool is a prevention-based system, a complete practice framework focusing on children; children and their parents being educated to care and more importantly ‘self-manage’ their dental health more proactively.

Most Smilescool children attend the practice three times a year for approx 90 minutes a session.

As an associate, this means that, once the children are relaxed and familiar with all member of the DCP team, I am able to examine and – if necessary – treat children in a positive and rewarding interaction. This is not only satisfying for the me, the associate, but the whole team is empowered and involved – patients end up not wanting to leave the practice!

Dentistry is an ever-changing profession and, as a dentist it is your duty of care to keep abreast of the latest developments for your patients – I do this by working within, and embracing the principles of Smilescool.

Smilescool continually evolves to embrace new technologies and new ideas which are focused upon preventive dentistry.

Ideas include the holistic risk assessment form to allocate the patient into their necessary care pathway, and Oral Insights which enables the children to witness first-hand exactly where they are brushing – and more importantly where they are not!

As the patients are more prevention orientated, understandably the health of their mouths improves. This means that if we do want to do any advanced treatment such as cosmetics in the future; their mouths are at the optimum level to accept it.

This means as an associate you are able to provide more predictable dentistry that will last a great deal longer.

On the whole, Smilescool is a team approach system that allows the whole team to work together. The associate will have a large part to play in the prevention of poor oral health health.

The vaccine is here for decay… it is Smilescool!


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