Don’t let election delay improvements for hygienists and therapists

Dental Protection applauds the decision made by the Committee on Human Medicines of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to allow dental therapists and dental hygienists to perform extra functions under a Patient Group Direction:

These are:
• the administration of local anaesthetics 
• the sale, supply or oral administration of fluoride supplements and toothpastes  with high fluoride content.

DPL understands that the Department of Health (DH) hopes to make the necessary amendments to the prevailing legislation within the next three months.

This will make it necessary to amend the Medicines Act 1968 and it is to be hoped that the forthcoming election will not unduly alter the timescale to enact this much-needed amendment.

Dental director Kevin Lewis said: ‘As an organisation that is very much at the heart of the profession, Dental Protection has long been aware of the frustration and dento-legal danger created for dental hygienists and dental therapists created by existing legislation.

‘I am delighted to hear from the Chief Dental Officer that this unintended consequence will soon be removed.’

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