Dentistry Top 50 returns

It’s that time of year again. Today marks the launch of the fifth running of Dentistry magazine and’s biggest feature. Read on to find out how to be a part of it.

The annual Dentistry Top 50 campaign has stirred the imaginations and emotions of the UK dental sector since its inception in 2006.

Proving immensely popular, and not to mention competitive, the format couldn’t be easier: we ask our readers to consider who they think are the most influential people in the UK dental profession, whether it be colleagues, tutors, association leaders, political figures, media analysts or whoever. Each reader can name their own top 10, and at the end of the voting period we compile all the votes and reveal the 50 people who received the most nominations.


Last year you voted Eddie Crouch (above) as number one, a sensational result that saw the founder of pressure group ChallengeDoH nudge Kevin Lewis off the number one spot – a position Kevin had held for the previous three years.

Since last year’s poll, much has changed in the UK dentistry landscape. The name Jimmy Steele didn’t mean much to many people this time last year, but the head of the school of dental sciences at Newcastle University has been one of the most talked-about figures in the industry after authoring the independent review of NHS dental services. Similarly, Mike Warburton has become much more high profile with the access template contract he drafted for the government.

Other names that may figure in people’s minds when assessing who they’d like to vote for could well be those who have taken up new, significant posts over the last 12 months, such as Andy Burnham (Secretary of State for Health), John Drummond (president of the British Dental Association), John Milne (chair of the General Dental Practitioners Committee), Edward Attenborough (president of the British Dental Trade Association), and Alison Lockyer (chair of the council of the General Dental Council). Don’t forget those political heavyweights frequently mentioned in the news pages of this title, such as Barry Cockcroft, Ann Keen, Andrew Lansley, Mike Penning and Norman Lamb.

This poll is open to all readers of Dentistry magazine and users of As in previous years, we have provided a list of suggested names you may want to consider. This is only to help you drum up some ideas – you are free to vote for people not mentioned on the list. To see those names and to vote, visit

The deadline for all votes is Friday 26 February 2010. No votes received after this date will be counted.

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