Cosmetic dental experts seek makeover volunteers

A cosmetic dental surgery is seeking volunteers to undergo the hi-tech treatments featured in TV shows like 10 Years Younger.

Lubiju in Leith is regarded as one of Scotland’s leading dental implant practices and provides training for dentists from around the country.

Now it is seeking volunteers to take part in a post-graduate training programme throughout 2010 – which could see those selected getting advanced dental treatment for a fraction of the usual cost.

Dentist Dr Biju Krishnan, who co-founded Lubiju, said: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for patients to get treatment they might not otherwise be able to afford.

‘The results of implant treatment are genuinely life-changing for many people. It is often referred to as the 10 Years Younger treatment. However, it’s not just about looking younger, it is about restoring confidence and even making it easier to eat or speak.’
Dr Krishnan added: ‘Mini implants require only minor surgery, yet it is absolutely life-changing for those people who live with constant irritation of loose dentures.
‘We hear stories every single day of how patients lack confidence because their dentures make it difficult to do the most basic things, like eat or speak comfortably. It can make day-to-day life unbearable.’
Since opening earlier this year, Lubiju has become one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic dentists.

Its implant team is particularly renowned because it is headed by one of Europe’s most pre-eminent experts in the field, Dr John Cuccio.
He has more than 35 years of implant expertise and became a leading proponent through his Harley Street surgery. Since moving to Edinburgh several years ago, he has become one of a small handful the most sought after experts in the lecturing and training circuit.
Dr Krishan added: ‘Of course there are other practices which can offer implants. However, we tend to handle the most advanced and complex cases.
‘Those include patients who require multiple implants, accident victims, cases where there is not a lot of bone and patients may require bone grafts. There are also cases where the aesthetics are very challenging.
‘Many dentists will be happy to deal with implants at the back of the mouth, but will refer cases to us if they are dealing with implants at the front, which are far more challenging from an aesthetic point of view.’ 
Dr Krishnan added: ‘Most people who would benefit from implants already know about the treatment and tend to have done their research. Usually the only thing preventing them from getting the treatment is the cost.
‘This is a chance to get that treatment with up to 50% off the cost, as long as they are prepared to have post-graduate dentists perform the treatment under supervision as part of their training.’
It is the first time Lubiju has publicly appealed for volunteers and the team expect a sizeable response. Would-be patients will have to be screened and some will not be suitable for treatment.
Lubiju will be running post-graduate training courses throughout 2010, so those who are not successful for the first course will have the option to wait for later training programmes.
Dr Krishnan and fellow Dundee University graduate Dr Lubino do Rego opened Lubiju in Leith earlier this year after a £750,000 investment.
It provides private treatments and augments their existing Drake Dental Practice and Scottish Implant Centre, which are already renowned for their NHS treatments.

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