NHS dental staff ‘least likely to take sick leave’

New NHS figures show that dental staff are among those least likely to be absent from work due to ill health.

According to an NHS Information Centre report, Sickness Absence Rates In The NHS: April-June 2009, the sickness rate for dental and medical staff over this period was on average just 1.1%.

Figures show the average sickness absence rate over this period to be 4.1%.

Data were last compiled and released in. From now on, fresh figures will be released each quarter.

Sickness Absence Rates by Staff Group, April – June 2009
                                             April 2009           May 2009              June 2009
England                                  3.99%                 4.05%                   4.12%
Ambulance Staff                      5.45%                 5.55%                  5.77%
Administration and Estates       3.27%                 3.27%                 3.35%
Healthcare Assistants
and Other Support Staff           6.10%                 6.16%                 6.31%
Medical and Dental Staff       1.08%                1.08%                1.08%
Nursing, Midwifery and
Health Visiting Staff                 4.87%                  4.98%                5.04%
Nursing, Midwifery and
Health Visiting Learners           1.23%                  1.40%                 1.36%
Scientific, Therapeutic
and Technical Staff                  3.21%                 3.26%                 3.34%
Healthcare Scientists               3.21%                 3.28%                 3.30%

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