Dentistry needs you! Visit Stand G02 at Showcase

If you haven’t already, please take a minute to complete our PCT survey – either by completing the form online or filling out a form at our stand at Showcase – G02.

Simply click here to have your say or pick up a form and pop it into the ballot box.

The response so far has been phenomenal – and emotive, with staggering tales of good and bad experiences coming to light.

But we still need more if we are to provide the chief dental officer with compelling evidence. Your opinion matters – even if you think your PCT is ‘just OK’, we want to know. Every single response is crucial to the cause.

So please, take a minute, and have your say.

The – extremely varied – comments received so far include:

‘Intransigent bean counters’

‘We are in the early stages of delivering an innovative service that reflects many of the recommendations found in the Steele Report. NHS Bradford and Airedale is supporting us through the change process. Overall satisfaction for both the dental team and patients is significantly improved.’

‘Our PCT does not deviate from the regulations at all – if it is not sanctioned by the DoH, then tough! Calling them a trust is an abuse of the word, as we have no trust in what they will do unless we have it in writing.’

‘I wish I was about ten years older then I would chuck it all in. The new contract has been nothing but a fiasco and has completely demoralised me and my love of dentistry.’

‘The PCT is quite innovative in some ways – with a scheme to pay extra for molar root canal treatment and periodontal care for example. But it is obsessed by statistics without referring to quality of care.’

‘Over the last three years our PCT has talked to the profession about all the matters, and has regularly sat on the meetings with the local dental secretary.’

‘One contract manager has been great and has worked to maintain small contracts like our own but frankly I don’t know how long she can last. She has already told us that she may well be sacked and there is no doubt she is as disillusioned as we are with the situation. This PCT is only interested in promoting massive polyclinics.’

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