‘Curry king’ Charan Gill confesses dental fear

TV’s Secret Millionaire and highly successful businessman Charan Gill has admitted he’s scared of the dentist on the eve of his keynote speech at this year’s British Dental Association conference and exhibition.

Scotland’s very own shipyard worker-turned-multi-millionaire restaurateur is opening the event and hopes to lend an entrepreneurial touch to Glasgow-based event.

Dubbed Glasgow’s ‘curry king’, Charan Gill MBE takes the stage tomorrow at the SECC in the city to address 4,000 dentists at the BDA’s 2009 British Dental Conference and Exhibition.

He said: ‘Like thousands of others, I dread having to go to the dentist, so you’ll understand that I’m a nervous wreck about having to stand up before 4,000 of them and opening my mouth. The only reason I’m willing to go through with this ordeal is that the British Dental Association has kindly agreed to make a substantial contribution to a charity of my choice – so how could I refuse?

‘On a more serious note, I think that dealing with their client’s nervousness is an issue that dentists have to confront if they are to prosper in the current economic climate. Like every other profession, the most successful dental practitioners are those that can distinguish themselves from the competition through marketing and the delivery of an exceptional service – and if they can help their clients overcome their fear with a smile – then that’s half the battle!’

The BDA Conference and Exhibition is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (4, 5 and 6 June). For further information, visit the website at www.bda.org/events/annual-conference.

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