Baby bottle ‘dump’ will get parents into good dental habits

Parents are being encouraged to dump their toddlers’ bottles and opt for trainer mugs in a major dental drive in Doncaster.

Kids in Thorne, Doncaster, have the highest rates of tooth decay in the whole of the borough and a new initiative is being launched aimed at combating this.

Parents from the town were this week urged to hand in their toddlers’ feeding bottles at an exchange being run as part of a dental health fun day.


Surveys by NHS Doncaster have shown that youngsters in Thorne have higher rates of tooth decay compared with the average across Doncaster borough.


A spokesman for the health authority explained that a major cause of problems is that many toddlers continue to have sugary drinks in bottles.


To reduce the risk, a spokesperson suggested that children should be encouraged to drink from a ‘free flow’ trainer cup from six months of age and drinks, such as juice, should be diluted and given at mealtimes only.


Thorne health visitors held a special promotion event last week where they brought together a range of local services, the event formed part of National Smile Month, which runs until June 16.


Parents were encouraged to hand in their toddlers’ feeding bottles at a ‘bottle dump’ in exchange for a cup.


The event was organised by student health visitor Suzanne Snelgrove and activities during the event included a health walk and face painting, as staff handed out free toothbrushes, toothpaste and healthy snacks.

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