Editor’s blog 5: Time to shine

Hello to everyone, it’s that time again\. It’s definitely been a strange couple of weeks with a lot of time spent working feverishly as the next issue of Preventive Dentistry magazine comes out.

Anyway, it’s something we all know, but the time to register with the GDC is fast approaching. If the amount of press releases and information I’ve received this week alone is anything to go by, it must be soon upon us, and getting closer every second! There are even some cartoons that have been drawn up and will no doubt grace the pages of the magazine at some point. I was asked by one subscriber if there was to be a massive clock counting down to registration on the home page, but I had to say no. A big ticking clock only serves to remind us all that time is running out. It’s just too scary to deal with.

Anyway, moving on. I was pleased to see in the news this week that dental students have begun work with real patients as part of a scheme to reduce the wait for treatment in Exeter. Brilliant. This sort of idea has long been avidly discussed and it’s great to see it being put into action. Apparently, according to our sources, Peninsula Dental School students are now offering free care under supervision from professionals (good to have that safety net). They offer oral examinations, hygiene instruction and dietary advice, temporary fillings and X-rays. Great stuff, this is exactly the sort of training they will only benefit from.

I wish I could stick about for a bit longer, but rest assured there will be a bigger and more standard sized blog coming soon. I’m going to attend to a massive pile of work for the magazine, it’s so big it’s become a load bearing structure in the office. See you in a few days!

Tom Roberts
Managing Editor

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