Dental software enables patients to see end results

New technology enabling patients to see the end results of dental work before undergoing treatment has been developed by a dentist in the States.

Already snapped up by some dental professionals here in the UK, the system converts X-rays and digital photos into computer-generated images.

The software – called XCPT (and pronounced ‘accept’) – is the brainchild of periodontist and implantologist Steven Feldman.

It’s been hailed as a powerful patient education tool as patients see their own X-ray with the implants and bone-grafting that is necessary and specific to their own mouth.

It’s pronounced ‘accept’ for a reason, as Dr Feldman explained: ‘Patients accept what’s wrong and fix it after using the program.

‘They were more accepting of what their issues were and they were accepting of our recommendations, which was really nice.’

His aim was to create a ‘personal, powerful communication solutions in the dental office’.  

XCPT shows patients the science behind the doctor’s treatment recommendations, and the system also communicates it from doctor to doctor.

The argument is that by presenting the patients with a hard copy of the computerised image of the treatment plan, it makes the communication process more effective.
Dr Feldman explains: ‘As dentists, we are constantly striving to make ourselves understood, whether it is with our colleagues, our staff or our patients.

‘Ideally, our patients would understand the dentists’ rationale for care and go forward appropriately with the treatment recommendations with comfort, trust and enthusiasm.

‘Likewise, all doctors involved in the case would be on the same page, seamlessly share images and data, and communicate simply and quickly.  

‘XCPT software was designed to accomplish all these tasks.’

In the States, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Iowa have the system installed and Adam Schildkraut, Chief Operating Officer at XCPT, has high hopes for the product here.

‘We are doing quite nicely here in the US and are growing rapidly.

‘In addition, just through tradeshow attendance and networking, we have developed a few customers in the UK, so the product is beginning to resonate there as well,’ he said.

‘In fact, we’ve recently developed a relationship with a sales representative in the UK who will be handling any inquiries from customers there.’

Among them, periodontist Dr André C Jattingh, based in Sevenoaks in Kent, who has been one of the first to incorporate XCPT into his surgery.

For further details, visit or contact [email protected].

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