The poll closes today!

Dentistry’s biggest feature of the year and readers have until the end of the day to vote for who they think are the most influential people in today’s dental sector. This is how to have your say. . .


The ‘Dentistry Top 50’ is a poll carried out annually to find out who the most influential people are in the UK dental sector. Each reader of Dentistry magazine and registered user of can vote for 10 people (see link below). All the nominations are totted up and we then compile a list of who gained the most votes, placing the top 50 in order.

This will be the third time this survey has been run following its hugely successful launch in 2006. Kevin Lewis was named top dog last year after collecting more votes than anyone else, and he will once again be a heavy favourite – but there will be a number of strong contenders to challenge him for the coveted No 1 spot this time around.

Since last year’s poll, conducted over January-February 2007, there have been several new appointments that may figure in some people’s minds as influential in the dental sector. Ann Keen for example has replaced Rosie Winterton as Health Minister with responsibilities for dentistry, while of course new Prime Minister Gordon Brown may well pick up many votes (his predecessor Tony Blair was 10th in the 2007 poll), while there is also a new Health Secretary in Alan Johnson.

We have provided a list of suggested names who you may want to consider when making your votes. We would like to point out that this is only a suggested list, and you are invited to vote for anyone you like, whether they appear on this list or not.

There are many factors you may want to consider as to who you think commands the greatest sway in the profession. Is it the powerful politicians for instance, or maybe the candid association leaders, the leading lecturers, the significant speakers, the inspirational life coaches or even the insightful columnists? Who really does pull the strings and influences how you carry out your day-to-day job?

A huge number of votes last year were made online, and once again you are more than welcome to use this option. Please click here to do so. Alternatively, you can email your votes to [email protected]. The deadline for voting is Friday 29 February 2008.

Last year’s poll captured the imagination of our readers. To see where your votes went 12 months ago, click here.

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