Web awards winners revealed

The winners of the Dentistry\.co\.uk Website Awards 2007 have been announced.

The inaugural awards, sponsored by Dental Focus Web Design, were introduced to officially recognise excellence in practice website development.

The results from the judges are in with each entry having been examined thoroughly. All of the shortlisted websites were marked according to our strict guidelines based on the following points:

· Look and feel of the site
· Quality of informative content
· User-friendly features
· Whether it makes a good impression
· How it appeals to the right audience
· Real patient cases – relevant pictures and testimonials
· Presentable in surgery
· Search engine optimisation – how easy it is to find you.

The final scores were very close but there were winners for each award (in some cases just a point ahead). Congratulations go to all entrants as reaching the shortlisting stage was a tremendous achievement in itself due to the high volume and quality of the entries.

All award winners will be contacted shortly with exclusive marketing materials to promote their prestigious new award.

Here are the eagerly awaited results:

Best private website:
Winner: www.smilespecialists.co.uk (now http://www.walesdentists.co.uk)
Short listed: www.qclinic.com, www.sparkledental.co.uk

Best specialist website:
Winner: www.ashoksethi.co.uk
Short listed: www.qclinic.com, www.visitingspecialistservices.co.uk

Best mixed website:
Winner: www.parkroaddental.co.uk
Short listed: www.denora.co.uk, www.bluecourtdental.co.uk

Best NHS website:

Winner: www.whitehousedental.co.uk
Short listed: www.dunmurry-dentalpractice.co.uk, www.batterseadental.co.uk

Best new private website:

Winner: www.appletreedental.co.uk
Short listed: www.artdentistry.co.uk, www.greatsmiles.co.uk

Best new specialist website:
Winner: www.wetherbyortho.co.uk
Short listed: www.oracledental.co.uk, www.visitingspecialistservices.co.uk

Best new mixed website:
Winner: www.brightonwhite.co.uk
Short listed: www.rosebankdental.co.uk, www.parkroaddental.co.uk

Best new NHS website:

Winner: www.exeterortho.co.uk
Short listed: www.dunmurry-dentalpractice.co.uk, www.batterseadental.co.uk

Most improved private website:
Winner: www.dental-art.co.uk
Short listed: www.theneemtree.co.uk, www.watforddental.co.uk

Most improved specialist website:
Winner: www.stephenbyfield.co.uk
Short listed: www.circusorthodontics.co.uk, www.ashoksethi.co.uk

Most improved mixed website:
Winner: www.rosebankdental.co.uk
Short listed: www.dunmurry-dentalpractice.co.uk, www.bluecourtdental.co.uk

Most improved NHS website:
Winner: www.dunmurry-dentalpractice.co.uk
Short listed: www.whitehousedental.co.uk, www.batterseadental.co.uk

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