Excisional biopsy of a fibro-epithelial polyp

This patient presented with a small lump under her upper full denture. This swelling was noticed as it made denture wear more difficult.

The patient was a 62-year-old female who had a heart murmer and so any operative treatment required an antibiotic cover. The patient had worn an upper full denture for 10 years.

The lower arch was also edentulous and was restored by an implant-retained denture. A provisional diagnosis was made of a denture induced fibro-epithelial polyp and an excisional biopsy was proposed under local anaesthetic infiltration. All other intra/extra oral signs were clear and no nodes were enlarged.

The specimen was stored in a histology pot containing a fixing agent. A report card was written up and the specimen investigated. The report confirmed this to be a fibro-epithelial polyp, with a large infiltrate if inflammatory cells suggestive of a traumatic etiology. There was not evidence of dyplasia or malignancy.

On review, the patient was advised and the denture adjusted in the area affected to prevent recurrence.

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