Property investment service

Dentistry\.co\.uk has teamed up with Equity Property Portfolios to provide you with a dedicated property investor service.

Equity offers specialist advice and access to some of the best UK and overseas investment properties available.

The partnership is designed to offer dentists a convenient, quick and efficient way to make the most out of your financial situation by strengthening the foundations for your future.

It’s commonly known that pensions are giving poor returns, so whilst other investments are generally failing to deliver, property investment is flourishing. Investing in property represents a strong reward-versus-risk investment you can make, with clear entry and exit strategies.

Equity’s clients are typically professional individuals looking for exclusive investment opportunities. Novice investors usually start by purchasing one property, then gradually increase their portfolio. However for experienced investors buying in multiples is also commonplace as their clients often want to purchase property not only for financial gains, but also for the purpose of leaving a legacy.

Equity are experts at sourcing both properties in the UK and overseas with great investment potential. Whilst the UK market is stable and familiar, overseas property can often give better returns. Property in the UK has doubled in value on average every 8.2 years since 1946, and some overseas property hot spots have seen an average of 15% annual growth in recent years.

Although Equity also deals with key-in-hand properties, buying off-plan is usually the preferred option for its clients. Buying off-plan simply means you purchase property at the development stage at a heavily discounted price. By the time your investment is built, the property will have increased in value. To illustrate this point further, you can buy a property for around 200,000€ and in less than five years its projected value will be 350,000€ – giving you over 150,000€ in predicted capital growth.

Overseas off-plan opportunities often come with a guaranteed rental income scheme, offering clients the chance to gain an income from their newly built property instantly without the hassle of having to rent it out for themselves. It stands to reason that the longer a client keeps a property the more capital growth it will raise. This is why property investment must be viewed as a medium to long term proposition. The fact that it’s not a ‘hands on’ investment makes property off-plan even more attractive.

When it comes to building a property investment portfolio, devising a strategy is strongly advised. This is not a complex process by any means, after a simple consultation with an experienced Equity advisor, they can tailor your needs to their services to establish the best strategy for you.

Equity tailors its services to help you make the right decisions every step of the way – from helping you devise a strategy to purchasing your first, second or even third property.

Equity’s property investment club provides the ideal outlet for professional people, membership is free and the advice offered could prove invaluable.

Exclusive membership benefits include:
• Expert property investment advice
• Simple and efficient processes in place to save time
• Access to exclusive discounted properties, which means instant equity
• Use of research tools, including a free property investment guide
• Monthly property investment newsletter
• Secure exit strategies
• Expert independent finance, mortgage, foreign exchange and tax advice
• Access to overseas bi-lingual solicitors.

Ultimately Equity helps its clients achieve their property investment goals by matching their needs to their property database. Equity thoroughly researches the market and carries out extensive due diligence checks to protect their members and reputation in order to ensure they deliver the best possible service.

Commenting on this new joint venture, Andrew Ward, MD from Equity, said: ‘We are delighted to be working with to offer our unique services to their client base. This partnership will hopefully benefit everyone – most of all those who are looking for an investment opportunity with little effort for great returns.’

To take advantage of what Equity has to offer, simply complete the registration form – either click through from Equity’s banner on this homepage or go straight to

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