May 2024
To B1, or not to B1? What is a B1 guarantee when whitening?
Speaker(s): Julie Dale
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To B1, or not to B1? What is a B1 guarantee when whitening?

The aim of this webinar is to gain understanding of the varying level of difficulty when whitening.

The webinar will elaborate on tooth whitening protocols, and discuss the how, when and why of offering a B1 guarantee to your patients.

Learning outcomes

  • Establish the law in the UK regarding tooth whitening
  • Discuss the dimensions of colour and shade taking
  • Elaborate on the tooth whitening consultation
  • Identify different types of tooth discoloration
  • Explore the different levels of difficulty when whitening teeth
  • Explain how tooth whitening works
  • Provide information on the different types of tooth whitening gel and clear indications for which whitening gel to use, and when to offer a B1 guarantee
  • Elaborate on informed consent for tooth whitening
  • Discuss the Boutique Whitening step by step tooth whitening protocol
  • Discuss the tooth whitening review
  • Understand the process of internal tooth whitening and deliver our full protocol
  • Examine common issues with tooth whitening, and how to address these
  • Discuss how to sell more whitening at your dental practice.

Speaker: Julie Dale

Julie Dale is a qualified dentist with 14 year’s experience in NHS and private practice. In her current role as Sales Manager at Boutique Whitening, Julie eats, sleeps and breathes tooth whitening! Understanding that the science behind whitening and how to sell whitening is not covered in dental school training, Julie is passionate to pass on her expertise in how to achieve reliable and consistent whitening results for your patients, as well as increasing practice revenue by implementing a few simple steps into your workflow.

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