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The importance of maintaining and improving the oral health of our patients

The power of prevention in 2021

Johnson & Johnson Ltd, the makers of Listerine, is delighted to bring you a three-day webinar programme to support dental professionals in their efforts to motivate patients to manage their oral hygiene effectively both at home and in partnership with the dental team post lockdown in 2021.

Aims and objectives:

This webinar will cover the challenges COVID-19 has brought to Dentistry, and how maintaining good oral health for our patients is even more paramount than ever before. The importance of a balanced oral microbiome and the consequences of an imbalanced one to the rest of the body will also be covered.

Learning outcomes:

  • The importance of maintaining good oral health for our patients in 2021
  • The challenges of COVID-19 for dental professionals 
  • The challenges of COVID-19 for patients
  • The connection between oral health and systemic health
  • What is the oral microbiome and why do we nee to keep it balanced? What happens if it is imbalanced?
  • How cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, fertility, and dementia/Alzheimer’s can be linked with poor oral health
  • Therapeutic interventions to optimise our patient’s oral health in practice and at home


Speaker: Victoria Sampson

Dr Sampson is an award-winning dentist who combines excellent professional, up-to-date knowledge and skills with a passionate drive for preventive dentistry. She believes this helps patients to avoid or detect any emerging problems early.

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