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Utilising the dental hygienist and dental therapist and teeth whitening treatments in practice

The aim of this webinar is to provide the dental team with the information and necessary process of how teeth whitening treatments are carried out and to highlight the roles of each team member. With the aim of encouraging the dental team to maximise teeth whitening treatments within the dental practice.

The objective is to highlight the skills of the dental hygienist and dental therapist in regards to performing teeth whitening treatments. In addition helping delegates to utilise online marketing to attract and retain new patients.

Learning outcomes:

  • The process’ of teeth whitening with in the dental practice and each team members role
  • How the dental team can maximise teeth whitening treatments within the dental practice
  • The skills of the dental hygienist and dental therapist in regards to teeth whitening treatments
  • How to utilise online marketing to attract new teeth whitening patients.

Speaker: Megan Fairhall

Megan qualified from the University of Portsmouth in 2010 with a BSc in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy. She has since developed her own dental brand #LIVETOSMILE. Where by she utilise social media and online marketing to attract new patients, focusing particularly on teeth whitening treatments, a part of dentistry she has discovered a real passion for.

#LIVETOSMILE has since been introduced into three different dental practices one being on the famous Harley Street in London. Subsequently Megan was asked by the global brand Philips in 2017 to represent them as a key opinion leader (KOL). Megan has been working closely with Philips to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding illegal teeth whitening, including featuring in numerous documentaries with the BBC. In addition teaching Philips whitening treatments to DH&DT’s with her now online cours-es, helping to uplift and inspire other DH&DT’s especially with regards to teeth whiten-ing.

Megan also works with the prestigious toothpaste brand Regenerate as a KOL helping to raise awareness to consumers on acid erosion. This has lead to exciting opportunities and features in multiple beauty press and events. Including a world wide feature in Virgin Atlantic’s inflight magazine.

Megan has recently launched her latest project #LIVETOSMILE Dental Beauty Box. With the aim to educate and inspire the public when purchasing their dental products, by providing them with the dental products they need as recommend by dental professionals combined with everyday desirable beauty products, all delivered to their door in a bespoke reusable pink beauty box.

Social Media Links

  • IG: @meganfairhall_
  • IG: @livetosmile_dentalbeautybox
  • FB: Megan Fairhall #livetosmile
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This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity fully complies with the CPD requirements of the General Dental Council.
And FMC certifies this activity for 1 hour of enhanced CPD in the subject of Utilising the Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist and teeth whitening treatments in practice.
This CPD meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcome A,B and D.

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