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Leveraging technology to make your practice truly patient-centric

Leaning objectives:

  • Compare the before virtual practice/after virtual practice patient flow
  • How to use Smilemate as a lead generator
  • Why Smilemate is the right answer during the COVID crisis and beyond
  • How to integrate Dental Monitoring into your patients’ treatments
  • Why Dental Monitoring is relevant to all practitioners.

Speaker: Owen Crotty

Owen qualified as a dentist in 1984 in University College Cork and went on to study and qualify as an Orthodontic Specialist in 1991 from the Eastman Dental Hospital in London.
In 1992 Owen returned to Ireland and set up his private specialist practice. He now has two practices.
Owen went down the digital route in the early 2000’s. It is an area that fascinates him.
He was Invisalign certified in 2006 and Suresmile certified in 2011.
He offers all treatment types in his practice and sometimes mixes different varieties of treatments to offer a complete bespoke, individual, orthodontic solution.
Owen first began using DM in 2015 and came completely onboard in 2020.
Various …
On Invisalign first global pilot study 2017
2017..joined the Align faculty. Owen lectures worldwide for Align.
He is a key opinion leader and
He beta-tests products for both Align and Dentsply (Suresmile).
Owen is part of the Align mandibular advancement expert group. (EMEA)
He also lectures nationally and internationally on orthodontics particularly in relation to digital technology.
Owen is a member of the UK and Ireland Advisory Board for Invisalign.
Owen is the top Invisalign provider for children in Ireland.
Owen was president of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland 2010/11
Owen was the international representative for Ireland on both EFOSA (European Federation Orthodontic Society Association) and FEO (Federation of European Orthodontists) between 2007 /2017.

Speaker: Philippe Salah

Philippe Salah graduated from the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris, France, with a PhD in Biophysics. He fell in love with orthodontics after partnering with an orthodontist to build Harmony, a company that made custom lingual treatments with a fully digital workflow. By 2014, Philippe had already realized that Artificial Intelligence was the next frontier in medical care, and so he brought together a team of engineers and orthodontists and created Dental Monitoring, the world’s first AI-based system for treatment monitoring, practice management, and patient communication.

Speaker: Rayan Skafi

Dr. Rayan Skafi received his DMD degree from the University of Saint-Joseph where he also earned a certificate of advanced graduate studies in prosthodontics. He worked in a private dental practice for four years before pursuing a master’s degree in biotechnologies management from ESCP Europe in Paris. After that, he started working at Dental Monitoring, a leading innovator of dental technology, as a Clinical Education Officer. Dr. Skafi works closely with global Key Opinion Leaders in the dental industry to develop and implement a strong educational program teaching dental professionals how to adopt innovative technologies, such as AI-driven solutions and teledentistry, in order to evolve their practices.
Dr. Skafi believes that patient empowerment and technological development are making space for the delocalization of healthcare, requiring not only the adoption of disruptive technologies but also changes in stakeholders’ systems and attitudes.

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