July 2021
On demand: NHS dentistry discussed: can NHS dentistry return to ‘normal’, and should it?
Speaker(s): Nigel Jones, Eddie Crouch, Lisa Bainham
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NHS dentistry discussed: can NHS dentistry return to ‘normal’, and should it?

A year has passed since face-to-face care resumed. But what impact has COVID-19 had on NHS dentistry?

With Healthwatch England pointing to NHS patient waiting times of up to three years and PPE and fallow time impacting the workforce both now and in the long term, the big question that Nigel Jones, Eddie Crouch and Lisa Bainham will be discussing is – can NHS dentistry return to ‘normal’, and should it? Join Nigel, Eddie and Lisa for this live webinar where they’ll talk about…
  • The impact the 60% UDA target is having on NHS practices and if that level of dentistry is achievable
  • How PPE, fallow time, policies and procedures are limiting the flow of patients through a practice and resulting in an access crisis
  • The backlog of missed dental appointments and guidance on how to sensitively manage patient expectations
  • The impact the pandemic has had on the mental health of those working within the constraints of the NHS
  • Recruitment, retention and the number of dentists considering their future in the profession or reducing their NHS commitment
  • The roadmap to ease restrictions and what the future holds for NHS dentistry.
Plus, there'll be a Q&A throughout where you can ask Nigel, Eddie and Lisa any burning questions you may have!

Speaker: Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones is the sales and marketing director at Practice Plan and has been working in the dental sector for over 30 years. He has a special interest in the development and future of NHS dentistry in the UK. His knowledge and passion for dentistry has led him to become a trusted voice, offering invaluable advice on how to strategically and successfully run a practice and be named in the Dentistry Top 50 of influential people within the profession.  

Speaker: Eddie Crouch

Eddie Crouch has been Chair of the British Dental Association Principal Executive Committee since September 2020. Before that, he served as deputy chair between 2014 and 2020 and past Chair of Central Counties Branch of the British Dental Association. He works in two practices in Birmingham and is Vice Chair of the Birmingham Local Dental Committee.

Speaker: Lisa Bainham

Lisa Bainham began her career as a dental nurse in 1994 and became practice manager at The Old Surgery Dental Practice in Crewe in 1998. Since then, Lisa has gained a wealth of knowledge and is currently supporting other practice managers in her role as president of ADAM (The Association of Administrators and Managers), as well as becoming a well-known name within the dental industry.
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