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Formlabs Dental Materials Masterclass: From Restorative Dentistry to Orthodontics, Bring High-Accuracy 3D Printing to your Organization

With the multitude of 3D printing options in the market today, it’s not easy for dentists, dental labs, and orthodontists to choose a printer that can meet their demands.

Whether you’re looking to digitize your workflow or add to your existing fabrication capabilities, Formlabs Dental’s complete 3D printing solution enables dental clinicians to create accurate and consistent parts for a wide range of indications. With access to high-accuracy 3D printing and Formlabs expansive library of dental resins, you can rapidly manufacture surgical guides, splints, models, clear aligner models, and more with ease.

In this webinar Dr. Elisa Praderi, Formlabs Clinical Protocols and KOL Manager, and Bernhard von Oppeln, MDT, Formlabs Dental Solutions Engineer will give an overview of the complete Formlabs materials portfolio. They’ll dive deep into the expansive range of indications achievable with a Formlabs 3D printer and conclude with a live Q&A

Learning Outcomes:

  • An introduction to Formlabs Dental’s complete 3D printing solution.
  • Deep dive into the Formlabs Dental materials library and see how each resin can be used for different applications.
  • Workflow overview with each material.
  • How you can rely on Formlabs for constant uptime and throughput through the brand new Dental Service Plan (DSP).

Speaker: Elisa Praderi

Dr. Elisa Praderi is a trained dentist who graduated from Universidad Católica del Uruguay in 2017. She conducted a research study in the area of esthetic dentistry which she presented in the 96th General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research as a Unilever Hatton Award Competitor. She has worked at the University’s emergency service and in private dental practice for the last 3 years. Elisa has always been interested in dental materials, clinical workflows and technology integration in the daily practice. These components were the triggers that made her pursue a professional career in 3D printing and join Formlabs in 2019 as the Clinical Protocols & KOL Manager.

Speaker: Bernhard von Oppeln

Bernhard von Oppeln is a Master Dental Technician with more than 20 years of experience in the dental field. He has worked full-time as a dental technician and he participated in the introduction of CAD/CAM technology in the dental profession. His first printer was a Form 2 which allowed him to have first hand experience with additive manufacturing workflows in the dental lab. This was the trigger to pursue a professional career in 3D printing and join Formlabs as the Dental Solution Engineer.

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