Expanding entrepreneurial freedom – unleashing the power 10
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25 June 7:00pm London

Expanding entrepreneurial freedom – unleashing the power 10

Speaker: Rebecca Scoular
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Expanding entrepreneurial freedom – unleashing the power 10

The idea of growing your business 10 times larger might sound daunting at first, but it’s actually simpler and easier than aiming to only double your growth.

Doubling your growth involves working longer and harder. For most people, 10 times the growth means multiplying complexity – something no one does willingly.

Going times 10 , however, means taking a new and fresh look at your business. It means freeing yourself up instead of adding more to your plate because you have to simplify before you can multiply.

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Learning outcomes

  • Understand why 10 times the growth really is easier than doubling
  • The role of incremental vs exponential mindset
  • How to unleash the power of 10 times strategies
  • Understanding the 'who not how' philosophy and how this contributes to your business success.

Speaker: Rebecca Scoular

Rebecca Scoular is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve the bigger future they want. As a programme advisor and coach for the Strategic Coach Team Programmes, Rebecca gets the opportunity to support entrepreneurs every day, helping them overcome challenges and capture opportunities.

She loves helping entrepreneurs and team members to become more aware of their Unique Ability—what they love to do and do best—and to gain confidence and an understanding of how to use the tools, which then enables them to grow and strive for more.

Rebecca describes Strategic Coach as the ultimate environment for growth: 'It’s enriching for everyone who’s a part of it, and it doesn’t stop—there’s never a reason to retire from evolving and advancing.'

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This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity fully complies with the CPD requirements of the General Dental Council. FMC certifies this activity for one hour of enhanced CPD in the subject of Expanding entrepreneurial freedom – unleashing the power 10.

This CPD meets the criteria for the GDC’s development outcome B.

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