Straight Talking Orthodontics

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Straight Talking Orthodontics – let’s talk about jaw surgery
This month, Shivani Patel discusses jaw surgery as a comprehensive option for severe patients, including when it is needed and…
Straight Talking Orthodontics – can we avoid extractions?
This month, Shivani Patel discusses orthodontic extractions, including whether we can avoid them and the controversies surrounding extractions. There is…
Straight Talking Orthodontics – how does the festive season affect our teeth?
To kick off the festive season, this month Shivani Patel discusses festive drinks and what you should be informing your…
Straight Talking Orthodontics – sensitive teeth is also an issue for orthodontists
This month, Shivani Patel discusses everything orthodontists need to know about sensitive teeth and how it can impact orthodontic treatment. …
Straight Talking Orthodontics – dental technology that’s changing the game for orthodontics
From intraoral scanners to 3D printers, this month Shivani Patel discusses the benefits of updating the technology in your practice.…
Straight Talking Orthodontics – don’t neglect the lips and tongue!
It’s not all about the teeth…this month Shivani Patel explains why the lips and tongue are equally important during orthodontic…
Straight Talking Orthodontics – what GDPs should watch out for in children
This month Shivani Patel discusses the importance of importance of early orthodontic appointments, the different problems GDPs need to look…
Straight Talking Orthodontics – an introduction to static occlusal goals
In the first of the brand new column ‘Straight Talking Orthodontics’, Dr Shivani Patel discusses the ideal targets for achieving…
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