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Self-employed versus employed: upcoming HMRC implications
Don’t miss Iain Stevenson, Paul Tucker and Sarah Buxton on Tuesday 21 March at 7pm as they discuss self-employed versus…
We need to talk – employed or self employed?
Jane Lelean discusses the employment status of dentists and things associates need to stay aware of. There is so much…
Locum cover and how it strengthens associates’ self-employed status
Senior Wesleyan Financial Services consultant for dentists, Simon Cosgrove, lifts the lid on associate absence and what the potential risks…
NHS to Private
Covering associate absences? Why you shouldn’t take the risk
Neil Richardson shares insights into what financial vulnerabilities this common practise causes for practice owners and associates and how to…
NHS to Private
Employed or self-employed? Dental practice, HMRC and vicarious liability
Jonathan Jacobs explores the changing landscape of HMRC’s views on employed/self employed associates and what the future might bring. It…
Tips for the newly self-employed dentist
Priya Kotecha offers hints and tips for the newly self-employed dentist and explains how tax doesn’t have to be taxing.…
Private Practice
Three key areas to address to protect your practice
Neil Richardson, senior Wesleyan financial services consultant, shares his commonly overlooked areas that may leave you and your dental practice…
NHS to Private
Tax issues unpicked: part two – self-employed versus limited companies
Shoaib Khan explores the tax questions associated with both self-employed dentists and those working for limited companies. September is usually…
A healthy word – where should self-employed hygienists and therapists turn?
Despite little help from the government, hygienists and therapists are still doing their bit to help out during the coronavirus…
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