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Utilising dental therapists could combat access crisis, says think tank
A report exploring ways to combat the dental access crisis and cut costs in UK dentistry suggests that better utilising…
CDT scope of practice review ‘in the interest of public health’, association says
The Clinical Dental Technician Association UK (CDTA UK) responds to Andrew Barr’s article on why he is against a scope…
Additional powers for dental hygienists and therapists – what do dentists think?
Last week, the government announced plans for dental hygienists and dental therapists to supply and administer certain types of medicines…
New powers granted to dental therapists and hygienists, government announces
The government has announced plans for dental hygienists and dental therapists to supply and administer certain types of medicines without…
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Scope of practice does not need review, says CDT
Andrew Barrs urges caution over the proposal to expand the scope of practice of clinical dental technicians. This article is…
Clinical dental technicians call for scope of practice review
The Clinical Dental Technicians Association UK (CDTA UK) is calling for an expansion to the scope of practice of clinical…
Spotlight on dental hygienists
The need for improvements in the nation’s oral health has never been more urgent. Dentistry speaks with a group of…
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Technically Speaking – how to solve recruitment issues
Emily and Eleanor discuss the ongoing recruitment crisis in dentistry, including its cause and ways to overcome it. If you’re…
Contemporary Hygienist – enhance the services your hygienist offers
The role of the dental hygienist has shifted massively from the days of scale and polish. This month, Claire and…
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Is the GDC’s Scope of Practice keeping pace with dentistry?
John Makin welcomes a review of the GDC’s Scope of Practice and explains why this is so important now. DDU…
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Could dental therapists retrain to become dentists?
Michael Watson questions whether, with further training, dental therapists could fill the gap left by dentists returning to the EU.…
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