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Why are there fewer businesswomen in dentistry?
With the number of businesswomen in dentistry declining, Anushika Brogan looks at the factors behind this and her advice to…
Are you ready to buy your first practice?
This month, Kaival Patel discusses the three most important steps you should take before leaping into practice ownership. It is…
Are you a practice owner?
Join Neil Richardson and his panel of experts as they discuss the practice ownership journey – sign up now. Join…
Practice ownership – is it still flip, flog or float?
As the economic climate continues to prove challenging for businesses of all types, Practice Plan’s sales and marketing director, Nigel…
Practice ownership – should I take the plunge?
Join Raabiha Maan on Tuesday 30 May at 7pm as she discusses practice ownership – should I take the plunge?…
The Marketing Expert – business ownership: build it and they’ll come
This month the Marketing Expert, Shaz Memon, shares advice on business ownership, including what to expect and how to feel…
What is the self-managing dental practice owner?
Chris Barrow talks about a new genre of practice owner becoming more prevalent – one who wants a self-managing dental…
Private Practice
Becoming practice owners – a dental success story
  We speak to Shakir and Nafisa Mughal about their path to becoming practice owners and creating two successful dental…
Young Dentist
Practice refurbishment – how I did it
David Cox, practice principal and co-founder of Cox & Hitchcock Dental Group, tells us why only the best is good…
Private Practice
Running a practice and your health
Owning a practice might be your dream career move. But, it’s a huge undertaking and responsibility, which could turn into…
Oral health
Artisan or entrepreneur?
Artisan or entrepreneur – what are modern-day dentists, Alun Rees questions. I enjoyed two thought-provoking conversations with dental technicians recently.…
The market has peaked – now what?
A rise in interest rates and further austerity from the Government could prove difficult for some dental practices, Alun Rees says. Reports would…
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