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Staying strong together during COVID-19
Osteocare gives you some ideas on what to do during the COVID-19 lockdown. As a British company we stand by…
Implant dentistry
An introduction to dental implants
Osteocare explains what its ‘Introduction to dental implants’ course involves. Course content The Osteocare course, An introduction to dental implants,…
Implant dentistry
Osteocare celebrates its 20-year anniversary
For an occasion like a 20th anniversary, one should do something memorable, and Osteocare certainly did. Implant company Osteocare chose…
Implant dentistry
Successful and safe implant placement – sponsored by Carestream, The International Digital Dentistry Academy and Bien Air
Join Dr Martin Attariani on a journey through the dental implant digital workflow, where you will learn how to digitally…
Implant dentistry
Implant Dentistry Show – beer and bubbles all day long
Courtesy of Osteocare, this year’s Implant Dentistry Show will be offering free beer and bubbles throughout the show. To celebrate…
Implant dentistry
Free brunch on Osteocare
Come and learn how Osteocare can transform your practice and profit in a relaxed atmosphere hosted by Dr Martin Attariani DDS…
Implant dentistry
Piezosurgery seminar
Come and learn the clinical advantages of using the piezoelectric in implant surgery. Piezosurgery, or the use of piezoelectric devices, is…
Implant dentistry
Five-day intensive implant dentistry course
Find out about Osteocare’s five-day implant course in Egypt. For more information email [email protected].
Implant dentistry
Osteocare sponsors Rhein83 OT Equator modern removable prostheses workshop
Osteocare is sponsoring an OT Equator workshop programme to help dentists and technicians gain knowledge on modern removable prostheses and…
Implant dentistry
Implants made easy
After a very successful seminar and by popular demand, Osteocare is happy to announce another date for ‘Introduction to dental…
Implant dentistry
Advanced surgical techniques – with dental implants
Osteocare is delighted to introduce to you the ‘Advanced surgical techniques – with dental implants’ seminar. This is a one-day…
Implant dentistry
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