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New parliamentary inquiry could save NHS dentistry
‘The last best hope to save the service’: parliament has launched a new inquiry into the state of NHS dentistry…
Kevin Lewis – what do farmers and dentists have in common?
Farmers and dentists have more in common than you’d think, explains Kevin Lewis. Both suffer the financial consequences of inadequate…
Will the cost of living crisis obliterate NHS dentistry?
Dentist Neel Kothari shares his views on how the cost of living crisis will contribute to the collapse of NHS…
Biggest shake up in NHS dental contract
After waiting for 16 years, the NHS has finally made changes to the NHS dental contract. But is it enough…
NHS dentistry at breaking point, BBC study reveals
‘Years of chronic neglect’: a comprehensive investigation by the BBC has revealed that nine out of 10 NHS dental practices…
How the contract changes will affect the lab world
Julian English discusses the lack of regard for dental laboratories and technicians in the recent changes to the NHS dental…
Dental news you’ve missed this week – 23 July 2022
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem – here’s what happened over the past seven days… Government announces…
‘Too little and too late’ – reactions to the NHS dental contract changes
Yesterday, the government announced the first significant changes to the dental contract since its introduction – here is what is…
‘Could do better’ – Nigel Jones reacts to the NHS dental contract changes
‘Could do better’ is the verdict of Practice Plan’s sales and marketing director, Nigel Jones on the NHS dental contract…
Government announces ‘significant change’ to dental contract
This morning, the NHS announced the first significant change to its dental contract in 16 years since its introduction, including…
NHS contract reform – when will we see it and what will it look like?
Practice Plan’s Nigel Jones looks at the potential changes to the NHS contract and how a lengthy wait for reform…
COVID-19 – dental practices must deliver 45% of NHS contracts
Chief dental officer Sara Hurley, has written to the dental profession about arrangements for NHS contracts in the final quarter. …
‘Lack of progress in contract reform means many are questioning how long they can wait’
With a reformed contract due to be rolled out in less than 12 months, Practice Plan has been inviting NHS…
Come fly with me
The current way of remunerating dentists means NHS dentistry isn’t reaching the population that mosts needs dental care. Imagine, if you…
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