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Thoughtful patient selection for cosmetic dentistry
With cosmetic dentistry steadily gaining popularity, Nick Jahany stresses the importance of patient selection and how to communicate the lifelong…
Cosmetic Dentistry
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 10 June 2023
It’s been a busy week for dental news. Missed it? Here’s what’s happened over the past seven days… Introducing Dentistry’s…
GDC versus Williams – an ethical analysis
David Obree, dentist and fellow in medical ethics at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, considers the ethics behind the…
Dental news you’ve missed this week – 9 July 2022
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Linking dental and…
Ethics in dentistry – should we hold ourselves to higher standards in our union work?
Pramod Subbaraman discusses the ethical standards expected of dental professionals and if there needs to be a change in tactics…
Defending dentistry as litigation increases
Julian Perry explains the basic principles behind protecting yourself medicolegally. I have spent nearly 40 years on the roller coaster…
The ethical limit
Neel Kothari questions whether there should be an ethical limit to the number of UDAs handed out to dentists. The…
Dentists can teach GPs how to balance business with ethics
Jonathan Fine discusses the balance of ethics, between practices making money and quality treatment of patients. As a general practitioner…
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