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Contemporary Hygienist – winning the biofilm battle
This month, Claire Berry and Faye Donald explain the life cycle of biofilm and share the secret to winning this…
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Contemporary Hygienist – the additional skills you need that they don’t tell you about
This month Claire Berry and Faye Donald discuss the additional and unexpected skills you may find you need to be…
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Contemporary Hygienist – enhance the services your hygienist offers
The role of the dental hygienist has shifted massively from the days of scale and polish. This month, Claire and…
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Contemporary Hygienist – paying attention to patient learning styles
This month, Claire Berry and Faye Donald discuss the importance of learning styles, what each one is, and how understanding…
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Contemporary Hygienists – the importance of being assertive
How assertive are you? This month Claire Berry and Faye Donald discuss the benefits of developing an assertive communication style…
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Contemporary Hygienist – adopt an ‘associate hygienist’ mindset
To elevate your status and command respect, the Contemporary Hygienists discuss the importance of switching your mindset from ‘working for…
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Contemporary Hygienist – referring to a periodontal specialist
To try and bridge the gap between the two professionals, Claire and Faye discuss referral pathways between hygienists and periodontal…
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Contemporary Hygienist – navigating pressure in an isolated job
This month, Claire and Faye discuss how to cope with pressure in the changing, high-pressured environment of dental hygiene. The…
Contemporary Hygienist – establishing the hygiene department as a practice cornerstone
Claire Berry and Faye Donald kick off a new column by opening up about why a hygiene department is crucial…
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Contemporary Hygienist study club is set to empower hygienists and therapists
Contemporary Hygienist founders, Claire Berry and Faye Donald, share insight into their exciting new venture; a nationwide movement to empower…
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