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Private dental practices in vogue as buyers seek out quality
Private practice values are rising, in some cases, faster than NHS practices. Simon Hughes explores why. Something is stirring in…
Private Practice
Business bites – brokering the right deal
When looking to sell your practice, it’s important to have a broker that understands your needs and aims, Simon Hughes…
Dental practice market grows by 12.3% in 2017
The dental practice market grew by 12.3% through 2017, according to the latest figures from Christie & Co. That is…
Business bites – ‘how long will my practice take to sell?’
Simon Hughes explains why practice sales transaction times can vary. This is a question every principal reasonably asks when considering…
Business bites – a new breed of purchaser?
Simon Hughes looks at the latest trends in dental practice sales for NHS, mixed, and private practices, as well as…
Business bites – don’t sell your practice short
Simon Hughes offers words of wisdom on an efficient practice sales process. In strong market conditions for selling dental practices,…
Business bites – freehold included?
Simon Hughes considers the options available when selling a practice. As a principal dentist, you may own the freehold of…
Business bites – costs to control in the run up to a sale
In the latest business bites column, Simon Hughes lists things to consider when selling your practice. Much has changed in…
Business bites – getting a second opinion
Simon Hughes presents a case study illustrating the benefits of consulting experienced dental practice sales agents. We recently completed on…
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