Cardiovascular Disease

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Flexible working found to improve heart health
Increased flexible working may improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease by the equivalent of five to…
Health & research
Mouth rinse could spot early heart disease risk
Scientists have identified a link between high white blood cells in the saliva of healthy young adults and an early…
Health & research
Skipping toothbrushing at night could increase risk of cardiovascular disease
Brushing your teeth before going to bed at night is important when it comes to preventing cardiovascular disease. This is…
Oral health
High blood caffeine levels may reduce obesity, study shows
A new study has linked high blood caffeine levels with a reduced risk in health issues, including obesity and type…
The heart of the matter
Filippo Graziani, past president of the EFP, explains why periodontal treatment is beneficial for cardiovascular health. What have gum disease…
Experts kick off campaign to educate dentists on link between gum and heart disease
A new campaign has kicked off in a bid to hammer home messages on the link between gum and cardiovascular…
Oral health
Tooth loss increases risk of cardiovascular diseases
Researchers have identified a clear link between periodontis, calcification of the carotid artery and heart disease. Scientists at Malmö University…
Dentists could play a greater role in detecting diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Dentists can play a greater role in the detection of some general health conditions, the Faculty of Dental Surgery says.…
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